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appropriate facilities are needed to host the academy. an ideal object has been found in the old stables next to the reinhard-eberhart museum, dating back to the 18th century. these two buildings have always formed one unit, and the combination of the newly renovated museum in the vicarage and the historic stables create a commonly acknowledged place of interest. supported by the interreg-program, an architectural contest has taken place, won by the carinthian ralf mukula. he created a perfect combination of the two buildings, connected by a delicate steel-glass bridge. the former entrance to the stables opens up to an auditorium placing 150 people, including 6 cabins for translators.

akademie - symbol

symbol of the academy

a balloon set loose ...

foundation: art gallery in the rem

a series of exclusive seminars and lectures for a selected audience of 15 to 30 people. the lecturers are people who have gained extraordinary achievements in their fields. together with a host they do their presentations in form of an interview, like it is done here in the academy. this could be, for example, a scientist working for greenpeace, interviewed by a host provided by a sponsor, who in this case could be a company like the telekom austria.

contrasts shall advance our common way of thinking...

academy villach – st. ruprecht

carinthia has always been a region of creative spirit: be it in literature, art, science or in economy as well as in sports. carinthians have always created great things and gained international reputation. this is very remarkable, considering its size and number of inhabitants. why this is so can only be guessed. two facts seem to give some reason for this: it lies on the borderlines of the three great european cultures of the romans, germans and slavics and is blessed with a manifold beauty in nature. these two conditions have lead to inspire and develop phantasy, imagination and creativity. on the other hand you also need a consequent will to create in order to realize innovations in art, science and economy. of course many carinthians have left their country and have elsewhere, in austria or abroad, applied their talents. for them it has been, and still is, a challenge to be successful in the big cultural hubs, on famous universities or in international companies. it would be a great benefit for carinthia to invite those excellent protagonists to share their experience and knowledge with others and get connected with other creative people in an multi-disciplinary institution: the academy of ideas in villach-st.ruprecht, where education and information on a high level will be developed and the focus is on creative innovation with an international importance in carinthia.

creative cooperation

the academy and factory of ideas is based on a creative cooperation of science, economy and culture. it works by putting knowledge in a context and supporting personal development of knowledge and creativity. as nobel-price winner konrad lorenz has put it: " progress is putting together old components in a new way", this could also be applied to the idea of the academy of allowing a multiple way of thinking and combining - in natural sciences as well as humanistic studies, art or economy- and so setting the basis for new ideas and concepts.

the academy and factory of ideas in villach st. ruprecht will be a center of imagination, of productive imagination. as an institution for education it will prepare perfect conditions, in which productive imagination can be developed and new ideas can come to life.


the academy and factory of ideas is dedicated to a systematic confrontation of questions and topics in the fields of science, economy and art, always with an eye on the development of new ideas, innovations and research-projects. it sees its tasks in supporting innovative ideas in cooperation with

   - universities and scientific institutions
   - companies and enterprises in knowledge-oriented future areas

as trendsetter and manufacturer of the future it comes up with ideas on all relevant levels of business economy - from product development and service to product design and innovative marketing strategies as well as unusual forms of advertising.

in the academy and factory of ideas an exchange of ideas across geographic and topical borders, between people of different origin and opinions will take place and gets organized by the academy of ideas, reinhard eberhart gmbh. an academic council of independent members will be responsible for the contents and structure of the program.


the whole project is designed to be self-financed. costs of maintenance and operation, organization, advertising as well as for presenters and lecturers must be covered by sponsorship and study fees.

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